Yerba Mate Is A New GI In Argentina

Author:Moeller IP Advisors
Profession:Moeller IP Advisors

On March 15, 2016, the Undersecretary of Food and Beverage ("Subsecretaría de Alimentos y Bebidas"), gave the pertinent recognition to the National Institute of Yerba Mate ("Instituto Nacional de la Yerba Mate" - INYM) for the new Geographical Indication (GI), namely YERBA MATE. Yerba mate is an infusion, whose consumption is rooted in everyday life and habits of millions Argentines. The Yerba Mate plant is grown and processed in South America.

Thanks to this recognition, the National Institute of Yerba Mate of Argentina will be able to distinguish its products, generating added value for production and sale. In addition, consumers will have a guarantee regarding the quality of the products and also greater access to information about components. Also, through this seal each packet of yerba mate will carry, legal protection is provided. Additionally, it guarantees that the quality of the products is linked to the geographical origin of the product.

The Yerba Mate infusion, called mate in...

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