Trial Costs In Argentina – Foreign Plaintiffs Need Not Security For Costs

Author:Mr Mario Eduardo Castro Sammartino
Profession:Castro Sammartino & Pierini

Trial costs in Argentina have suffered a beneficial change. As from 1 August 2015, Argentina has in force a new and modern Civil and Commercial Code (the CCCN) setting out many changes as to private international law.

The equal treatment of foreign people has constitutional basis in Argentine law (National Constitution, Article Number 20). In accordance with said constitutional protection, the CCCN, in its Article Number 2,610, states that citizens and permanent residents of foreign countries are granted free access to jurisdiction to defend their rights and interests under the same conditions as the citizens and permanent residents of Argentina. Furthermore, it states that no security for costs or deposit may be imposed because of foreign nationality or residency.

This CCCN'S new provision enhanced the foreigner's access to jurisdiction, trumping over the local procedural codes requiring posting a bond to file...

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