Production Of Wines With A Geographical Indication

Author:Ms Iris Quadrio and Carol A. O'Donnell
Profession:Marval O'Farrell & Mairal

The National Institute of Viticulture set forth the conditions to produce wines with a specific Geographical Indication. The National Institute of Viticulture (INV) has issued Resolution No. 19/2012, published in the Official Gazette on May 8, 2012, which repeals Resolution No. 8/2008 and sets forth the conditions to produce wines with a specific Geographical Indication (GI).

The main terms of Resolution No. 19/2012 are as follows:

  1. The manufacturer and wineries of the grapes to be used, which manufacture wines with GIs, must first obtain the registration, protection and the right to use such GIs.

  2. For inventory purposes, wines with GI will be grouped independently from other wines.

  3. Registration in the official records of the raw material and the resulting products will be subject to the following:

    Weekly harvest and manufacturing report (Form CEC-01) and official recordation: the volume of products having GI manufactured per week will be declared in both registries together with the other non-GI products, without discrimination. The final sworn declaration of manufacture (Form CEC-05) will be made in the ordinary way without discriminating against the obtained products that have the right to use a GI. d) Every time an interested party wishes to obtain the analysis of free circulation, export or the transfer of a determined volume with GI, must previously certify (Form MV-05) the transfer of the volume of the GI in question, electronically. Afterwards, the interested party must identify the product with the corresponding GI.

  4. The transfer of products identified with GI must be done with the corresponding analysis; otherwise they will not be accepted.

  5. Products with a GI coming from a geographical area smaller than a...

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