Personal Data Protection, Education And Human Rights

Author:Mr Diego Fernandez and Ines O Farrell
Profession:Marval O'Farrell & Mairal

With the participation of its Director Eduardo Bertoni, the Argentine Data Protection Authority (“DPA”) attended again the International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners, held in Morocco between October 17 and 20, 2016.

The conference was held for the first time in 1979, and has been an annual forum for data protection authorities for over three decades. Its aim is to provide global leadership in matters of data protection and privacy by means of coordinating the work of national data protection authorities. It is the umbrella organization for 110 data protection authorities. Argentina has been a member since 2003.

The 38th International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners brought together not only national public agencies, but also non-profit organizations, members of the private sector and privacy specialists.

During the conference, a resolution to promote a framework for education on data protection in schools was approved. The resolution emphasizes the need for national departments of education to cooperate with data protection authorities to promote training...

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