New Competition Law Modifies Sanctions Regime And Creates New Controller Agencies.

Author:Mr Clemente Vivanco
Profession:Vivanco & Vivanco Corporate Services LLC

New competition Law 27,442 introduces several changes in the current competition law regime in Argentina, effective on or after May 24, 2018.

This new law intends to foster competition among companies based on their merits, quality, prices and innovation. The new law establishes clearer rules to achieve greater market transparency, favoring a sustainable development of the Argentine economy.

Below are the key items:

Reduction or exemption of fines will be granted to companies that provide information to detect violations to competition laws: specifically, it exempts from sanction those who provide evidence to detect cartelization cases. Companies engaged in monopolistic and cartelization practices will be fined up to 30% of the business associated with the products or services involved in the illegal conduct, multiplied by the number of...

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