Modification Of The Export Sworn Statements For Agricultural Products

Author:Mr Pablo Gayol
Profession:Marval O'Farrell & Mairal

Any exporter who desires to export certain agricultural products must complete and register a sworn statement the immediate business day after the sale is agreed.

The Ministry of Production together with the Ministry of Agroindustry and the Ministry of Treasury jointly issued Resolution No. 1-E/2017 (the "Resolution") that regulates the registration procedure for Export Sworn Statements (Declaracion Jurada de Venta de Exportación or "DJVE"). The DJVE were introduced by Law No. 21,453 and its supplementary Law No. 26,513, and their purpose is to regulate the registration of the export of agricultural products. The DJVE regulation was substantially modified in December 2015 through Joint Resolution No.4 of the Ministry of Agroindustry, No. 7 of the former Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and No.7 of the Ministry of Production.

The Resolution includes the DJVE in the "One-Stop" Register of Foreign Trade national regime (Ventanilla Unica de Comercio Exterior Argentino or "VUCEA"). The DJVE must contain the information necessary to allow the Coordination and Evaluation of Internal Consumption and Subsidies Unit ("UCESCI"), the competent agency, to register the DJVE electronically through the VUCEA.

Any exporter who desires to export an agricultural product included in the Resolution's annex must complete and register the DJVE the immediate business day after the sale was agreed.

  1. DJVE registration requirements

    For the DJVE to be registered it must comply with the following requirements controlled by the CEICSU:

    registration in the Ministry of Agroindustry registry; concurrence between the date stated in the DJVE and the date of the effective sale; concurrence between the official FOB Price established by the Ministry of Agroindustry and the FOB price stated in the DJVE; and concurrence between the registration hour and DJVE formalization and the requirement establishing its presentation the following business day. In the event that any of these requirements are not complied with, the DJVE will be rejected.

    The DJVE must be signed by the exporter, the manager of the exporting entity, its attorney-in-fact, or any representative certified in the Ministry of...

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