Jones Day Global Privacy & Cybersecurity Update | Vol. 22 (Latin America)

Author:Mr Guillermo Larrea and Daniel C. D'Agostini
Profession:Jones Day


Argentina Subscribes to Convention 108

On February 28, the Agency of the Access of Public Information (Agencia de Acceso a la Información Pública) announced its subscription to the Convention 108 for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (Convención 108) and its Additional Protocol (source documents in Spanish). The Convention 108 is the only multilateral binding instrument on data protection, which aims to protect the privacy of data owners against any misuse on data processing matters.


Brazilian Consumer Protection Department Investigates Communications Provider's Data Privacy Breach

On February 28, the National Consumer Protection Department of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security set up an investigation procedure against a provider of internet and mobile phone communications for allegedly using a digital tool capable of mapping users' internet browsing (source document in Portuguese). According to the Department, the provider, in conjunction with another company, allegedly violated consumer privacy by misdirecting users to an electronic address, which allegedly enabled the company to collect user navigation data.

Brazilian Government Investigates Integration of Social Media Platforms

On March 11, the Special Data Protection and Artificial Intelligence Unit of the Prosecutors' Office of the Brazilian Federal District initiated an investigation to monitor the integration of communication across social media platforms (source document in Portuguese). The investigation will determine whether the integration complies with Brazilian legislation, such as the Brazilian Federal Constitution and the Brazilian Civil Internet Framework.

Ministry of Justice Files Two Lawsuits Against Social Media Company

On March 12, the Brazilian National Consumer Protection Department of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security filed two lawsuits against a social media company and its local affiliate (source document in Portuguese). The first lawsuit involved the sharing of data from users extracted from the Facebook Login platform through an application. The second lawsuit involved the actions of hackers, who allegedly invaded accounts of Brazilian users registered in the Facebook Platform and collected personal data.


President Announces New Law to Perform Preventive Identity Control

On March 14, the Chilean pesident announced the implementation of a program that aims to...

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