Guidelines for Authors

Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Jurídicas de la UNLPam - Volumen 9 - N° 1 - Año 2019 | 115
for Authors
The Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences, through the academic journal
Perspectivas de las Ciencias Económicas y Jurídicas, provides a space for the
publication of productions, with a section for general institutional issues. This is
why a differentiation is made in sections, which are: scientific research, scientific-
academic dissemination, book reviews, conferences, interviews, and comments
related to scientific-academic activities and institutional developments.
In order to clarify the content of each section, a brief description is included:
Scientific research: for articles presenting partial or final results of an investiga-
tion. Articles that account of the progress or results of the completion of post-
graduate thesis are included in this section. To be published in this section, the
positive evaluation of two (2) external evaluators is necessary.
Books reviews, conferences, interviews and comments regarding scientific-ac-
ademic activities: this section will include book reviews, conference transcripts,
interviews, and other types of work that make critical comments about insti-
tutional activities, either scientific or academic, which are held in the Faculty
of Economic and Legal Sciences (UNLPam) or in other institutions, such as an
evaluative synthesis of conferences, scientific courses, promotional workshops,
etc. In the case of critical comments, it is essential that the article is not merely
descriptive but that it includes an assessment by the author. These works must
be approved by at least two of the members of the Editorial Committee for its
inclusion in the journal.
Institutional information: This section is intended for information that the au-
thorities of the Faculty of Economic and Legal Sciences of the National Univer-
sity of La Pampa wish to communicate to the community of readers.
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