Digital Form For Search Warrants In The Province Of Córdoba

Author:Mr Gustavo Giay and Diego Fernandez
Profession:Marval O'Farrell & Mairal

Starting on September 15, 2016, "Digital search warrant orders" for public prosecutors and courts of the province of Córdoba are operational.

The new system seeks to avoid the waste of time demanded by transferring the case in the traditional format from public prosecution to the court, which is the agency that finally issues the search warrant.

In this way, it seeks to move towards efficient management of the judiciary's resources efficiency in the functioning of the courts and the judicial system, minimizing duplication.

The new system will be implemented in stages in different judicial districts in the province, having already been put into operation in District One.

It was established by decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of Cordoba that authorizes magistrates to electronically receive applications for and issuance of search warrants sent...

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