Cloud Computing In Argentina

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Argentina is one of the most advanced countries in South America when it comes to the adoption of cloud computing technologies.

Last year, Argentina was said to be in the running with Chile as the site of a new data centre for Amazon cloud computing services in South America. Although this has not been confirmed, earlier this year Amazon has been recruiting for the opening of a new office in Argentina.

The adoption of cloud computing services may prove pivotal for the economy of the country: cloud computing allows to cut the costs substantially - relative to the IT infrastructure - giving a competitive advantage to the companies who use it, especially small and medium enterprises.

A report by the cloud provider VMware suggests that hybrid cloud deployment would reduce total IT spending by approximately 20-30 percent.

The development of cloud computing technologies goes hand in hand with a comprehensive regulatory framework that facilitates the adoption.

According to a study conducted by the independent think-tank BSA, Argentina is also one of the countries where the evolution of the legal and regulatory environment for cloud computing has been faster and has been in line with the recent technological developments. In the 2018 BSA Cloud Computing Scorecard, Argentina was ranked 17 out of 24 leading information economies in the world, when it comes to the adoption of an adequate regulatory framework for cloud computing and the legal issues connected: notably, data protection, cybercrime and intellectual property protection.

Legal Framework for cloud computing in Argentina - IP relevant provisions

One of the first intellectual property issues connected to the adoption of cloud computing technologies is cybercrime. Through cloud computing, the IT infrastructure is ubiquitous and accessible by different locations - but it is also more vulnerable to cybercrime attacks.

Argentina's legal framework has been trying to prevent and prosecute cybercrime. Law 26388/2008 updated Argentina's Criminal Code to include computer and...

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