Breaking Out Of IP Isolation – Argentine PTO Announces Intentions To Adopt The Patent Cooperation Treaty

Author:Moeller IP Advisors
Profession:Moeller IP Advisors

Correction: Further to our post published on September 1, 2016 there is a correction to the statement made by Dr. Dámaso Pardo, newly appointed President of the Argentine PTO (INPI).

During the AAAPI conference, he mentioned joining the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in the near future.We apologize for the confusion.

No specific terms have been set to date, but Dr. Pardo said that Argentina's President Macri is very interested in ending Argentina's isolation regarding international matters.

Furthermore, Dr. Pardo described his plan, which focuses on three main ideas:

Improve efficiency and modernization of the INPI; Have the INPI become better integrated with the rest of the world and Promotion and influence within the INPI. In addition, thereto, Dr. Pardo announced the implementation of a new software provided by the OMPI and, apart...

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