Argentine Justice Orders Blocking Popular Movie Streaming Website Cuevana2 After Copyright Infringement

Author:Ms María Sol Porro
Profession:Moeller IP Advisors

Chamber V of the Argentine National Criminal and Correctional Chamber reversed a First Instance ruling that had rejected a precautionary measure requested by Fox, Disney, Paramount, Columbia and other companies that act as joint plaintiffs against the Cuevana2 site, and ordered their provisional blocking of the site, for alleged violation of the Intellectual Property Law 11723, considering this measure as reasonable, appropriate and proportional..

The aforementioned site, created by Tomás Escobar from San Juan in 2011, which began as a small-scale personal project, aroused the interest of the large film companies as it became one of the largest sites for movies and online series from which any user can access for free, by using a streaming system, to Fox, Disney, Paramount, Columbia and other companies audiovisual productions.

For this reason, the complainant demands to the Court the blocking of all websites associated with the name of "Cuevana" in Argentina due to the fact, that the streaming service changed its name to Cuevana 2, in 2014, 5 years after it began to offer access to movies and series, without permission, under the Cuevana brand.

Thus, the second instance in charge of...

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