According To INDEC, Unemployment Rose To 9.3% And Already Affecting 1,165,000 People

Author:Alfaro -Abogados

With the recession affecting the economy, the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) reported that unemployment rose to 9.3% of the population in the second quarter of 2016 compared with the third quarter of last year which was 5, 9%.

As the manufacturing sector is one of the most affected by the recession - particularly small and medium-sized enterprises - no wonder that the highest unemployment figures coincide with the industrial centers.

In addition, unemployment is felt more intensely in the most populated cities, by the fall in construction. According to the latest report of the Estudio Bein, the activity in the second quarter and the first records of the third quarter speak for themselves: the economy is still in recession with losses reaching 18% in construction, 6% in industry and 5% in trade.

The highest unemployment rates correspond to Gran Rosario - 11.7%, -Mar del Plata - 11.6% - Gran Córdoba - 11.5% - Greater Buenos Aires - 11.2% - Rio Cuarto - 10.5% - and 10.6% Buenos Aires -. Thus, the number of unemployed amounted to 1,165,000 people.

"It is clear that we face a serious situation in the labor market", said the head of the INDEC, Jorge Todesca, at the press conference.

The above 9, 3% rate increase released by the official body is coincident with some private estimates, as the Estudio Bein projected 8.5%, while others, such as Ecolatina projected unemployment of 12% for the year. Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Statistics and Censuses of the City of Buenos Aires estimated...

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